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STL Gas Sampler


The STL Gas Sampler is used for manual wet chemical determination of gaseous pollutants such as HCl, HF, SO2, SO3, NH3, Hg and other metals according to European standard methods. The complete sampling system consists of 1) a heated gas sampling probe (EVA Light Gas Probe), 2) one or several parallel absorption bottle sampling trains and 3) one or several control units CU-1-10 (or CU-1-20).

  • Compact and robust control unit

  • Easy to inspect, serve and clean

  • Flow capacity: 0-10 lpm (or 0-20 lpm on request)

  • Absorption bottles for 2-3 lpm or high flow rate type 10-15 lpm

  • Absorption bottles are safely handled in stands

  • Combined gravimetric water content determination possible

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