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STL Combi Dust Sampler


The STL Combi Dust Sampler is used for dust emission measurements by manual gravimetric measurement according to EN 13284-1, ISO 9096 and other international standards.

  • Easy to handle – easy to transport

  • Robust and reliable performance

  • Allows accurate determination of low dust concentrations

  • Filter holder types for low, medium and high (raw gas) dust concentrations

  • Pump sizes: 3, 6 and 10 m³/h

  • Control unit capacity: 0.1-10 m³/h

  • Safe filter handling cassette system for 47 mm, 90 mm and 142 mm plane filters

  • Flexible probe configuration for in-stack and out-stack sampling

  • Zero-pressure nozzles for simple and accurate iso-kinetic control

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