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EVA Light Dioxin Sampler

EVA Light Dioxin Sampler

METLAB offer several alternative equipments for sampling of dioxins (PCDD/PCDF) and other organic micro-pollutants – all fulfilling the requirements in the European Standard EN-1948. The most frequent delivered equipment is the EVA Light Dioxin sampler. Also available are the older Nordic Dioxin Sampler and EVA Dioxin Sampler and also METLAB’s Cooled Probe Dioxin Sampler.

  • Compact EVA Light probe unit – easy to handle on site

  • Sample flow rate up to 20 lpm

  • Filter holder for a 120 mm plane filter

  •  Includes a cooled XAD-2 container placed after the cooler

  •  Condensate passes through the XAD2 and is not part of the sample

  •  The sample consists of filter + XAD2 + rinsing liquid (acetone + toluene)

  •  Control unit includes condensate separation unit and drying tower for up to 2 kg silica gel.

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