Pitot Tubes

August 5, 2015

Pitot tubes of L-type or S-type for gas flow measurements according to the standard ISO 10780 is delivered together with an electronic handheld micro-manometers for traversement measurements or manometers for differential pressure and static pressure for fix pitot tubes for continuous gas flow measurements.

Suction Pyrometers

Suction pyrometers are used for accurate temperature measurements in high temperature flue gases such as fire rooms.

EVA Light Dioxin Sampler

METLAB offer several alternative equipments for sampling of dioxins (PCDD/PCDF) and other organic micro-pollutants – all fulfilling the requirements in the European Standard EN-1948.

EVA Light Gas Probe

The EVA Light Gas Probe is a heated glass probe with a filter holder for a 47 mm plane filter. The probe construction comply with the requirements of most international standards methods for flue gas samplings

STL Gas Sampler

The STL Gas Sampler is used for manual wet chemical determination of gaseous pollutants such as HCl, HF, SO2, SO3, NH3, Hg and other metals according to European standard methods.